Staff & Volunteers

Y'Allstars would not be possible without our hard-working volunteers and incredible tournament staff. Here are the faces and names you'll be hearing from as tournament details come together.


A photograph of Tha Doctah, the Tournament Head NSO, surrounded by a turquoise, ornate "fleur de lis" border. He is wearing a black polo shirt with his name and the WFTDA logo and posing for a headshot.

Tha Doctah (he/him)

Tournament Head NSO

With 13 years of officiating experience, Doctah brings his knowledge and expertise to being THNSO of Y’Allstars for the second time. Doctah has participated in a variety of events locally and afar, including the 2019 WFTDA International Playoffs in Winston-Salem, NC and 2016 MRDA Championships in Dallas, TX. Doctah has also been the THNSO for the 2018 Clover Cup in Dallas, TX, and 2018 SweatFest in New Orleans, LA.

Tha Doctah hopes this event provides opportunity for officials to get experience working in a multi-game style event and helps to grow the officiating community. 

Wolverine (he/him)

Tournament Head NSO

Wolverine has been involved in roller derby since late 2016. Since that time, he has been all over the country for the sport. He loves helping to teach and as well as being able to learn from all the wonderful people in the community. Wolverine served as the THNSO at the MRDA Western Hemisphere Cup and was a part of the inaugural Y'Allstars NSO Krewe in 2023. He also helped Springfield Roller Derby start the Show Me Skate tournament in 2023 and has been a part of Dallas Derby Devils' Clover Cup since 2018. Wolverine can't wait to be able to work with this year's krewe and help Y'Allstars 2024 be the best that it can be! 

A photograph of Jaminy Cricket, the Tournament Head Referee, surrounded by a purple, ornate "fleur de lis" border. They are pictured at Mardi Gras wearing a wild costume with beads and a black, curly wig.

Jaminy Cricket  (they/them)

Tournament Head Ref

After starting as a skater in 2014, Cricket began their reffing career in 2016 and never looked back. Since then, Cricket has served as a local ref for both Red Stick Roller Derby and Big Easy Roller Derby. They have also traveled with RSRD to multiple out-of-state games and tournaments, where they have absorbed additional learning from fellow referees.

Cricket is back for a second year as THR for Y'Allstars and also previously served as a Crew Head at the 2019 Battle of the Boot in Lafayette, LA. They are excited to work with officials and staff in this role and hope everyone has a great time at the tournament!

James Bondage  (he/him)

Tournament Head Ref

James Bondage started his officiating career in 2010 and several years later, became Big Easy Roller Derby's Head of Officials. He now has 13 years and over 200 games under his belt. Bondage has officiated various events, including WFTDA, MRDA and JRDA sanctioned games, in various capacities. Not only does he officiate games for Big Easy Roller Derby, he also travels and lends his officiating knowledge to Red Stick Roller Derby, Northshore Roller Derby and a host of other leagues in the south in a variety of ways, including working with their newer officials who are learning to become their respective leagues crew heads.

Bondage has previously officiated in several tournaments, including Sweatfest, the Mythical Invitational and last year's inaugural Y'allstars Tournament. As a WFTDA Certified Official, James Bondage is looking forward to serving, for the first time, as Co-THR for the 2024 Y'Allstars tournament and is excited to work with everyone who will be participating. 

Ice Queen (she/her)

Games Tournament Oversight

Ice Queen hails from Texas and has been officiating since January 2013. She has just shy of 400 games experience, having officiated games in multiple states and tournaments, including working as a non-skating official at the 2023 Y'Allstars. Ice believes in fostering fair play, providing resources to other officials/athletes, sportsmanship, and the spirit of competition that makes roller derby. She's looking forward to continuing this thrilling journey, meeting fellow skaters, officials, and fans along the way. Let's roll together and make every game an unforgettable experience!

A photograph of PR Mageddon, the Tournament Head Announcer, surrounded by an orange, ornate "fleur de lis" border. He is wearing a newsboy hat and black shirt and is smiling in front of a gold, glitter background.

PR Mageddon (he/him)

Tournament Head Announcer

Based in New Orleans, PR is the announcer/emcee for Big Easy Roller Derby. Since becoming an announcer in 2015, PR has called or emceed more than 260 games and events across North America. His credentials include MRDA Championships (2016), WFTDA Championships (2018, 2019), and Battle of the All Stars (2018, 2019), where he called for Team Louisiana. He also served as THA for Y'Allstars 2023 and BERD's Sweatfest (2017, 2018).

When not on the mic, PR serves as vice president of the Roller Derby Announcer Association's Board of Directors, where he works to advance the craft of derby announcing via education, networking and mentoring up-and-coming voices.

Trash Panda (she/her)

Tournament Head Photographer

Bio coming soon!

A photograph of Carmina Piranha, the Tournament Chair, surrounded by a yellow, ornate "fleur de lis" border. She is laughing while wearing her derby uniform at a parade.

Carmina Piranha  (she/her)

Tournament Organizing Co-Chair

After 2 years of building mega-brackets and overseeing policy for Battle of the All Stars (2019, 2020), Mina is excited to once again be at the helm of Louisiana's very own collective tournament.

Mina began her derby journey in 2013 with Burning River Roller Derby and currently skates with Team Louisiana and Red Stick Roller Derby. She is also an alum of Team Ohio and Big Easy Roller Derby. Mina has served on volunteer staff for the 2015 WFTDA D2 Playoffs (Cleveland) and 2018 WFTDA Champs. She was the recipient of the Kitty Klime award at BOTAS in 2019.

She hopes everyone has the best time ever.

Graham Reaper  (she/her)

Tournament Organizing Co-Chair

Reaper was born and raised in Jackson, MS, loves Diet Coke, and in her day job works as the Operations Manager for the Mississippi Children's Museum. She's been in the hospitality and events industry for almost 20 years, and absolutely LOVES what she does.

In 2012, Reaper joined a little drunken adult kickball league, and the captain of the team was also the president of the local roller derby league, Capital City Roller Girls, now known as JXN Roller Derby. Typical story, girl meets derby; girl is hooked. Reaper skated for about 8 years; her skating career included dual rostering with Mississippi Brawlstars & Northshore Roller Derby, a brief stint with Denver Roller Derby's home team, the Green Barrettes, and captaining Team Mississippi for a trip to State Wars in Daytona Beach. After a car wreck, Reaper gave up playing, but took to bench coaching and derby event organizing to stay active in the sport she loves so much.

Reaper is excited for Y'Allstars to bring the derby community some great derby match-ups, a space for so many different skaters to participate, and a little something different and new when it comes to roller derby tournaments.



THRs: James Bondage & Jaminy Cricket

Crew Heads: Daemon Mistress Fighting Girlfiend Mad Jack Churchkill Pi-Radical 

A. NUSS Bianic Breadpool Colonel Angus Croc Effin' Ref General Hellativity G'Innes Hannibull Reffer I Shove Lucie Jekyll & Sides No Mad Nopac Shakur Pop N Lock Reffeweizen (Cahill) RJ Ruff Draft Shrimp N Roll Sidney Vicious Skitzo Sven Deför Thrillem Dafoe UKnowIKnowUKnow Yulneda Rehab

Non-Skating Officials

THNSOs: Tha Doctah & Wolverine

Crew Heads: Montana Maulher Officially Mel TexAss Tornado

Ada Baby Snark Baron von Erin Bourbon Decay Candied Bacon Chemical Restraint Fox40 Fun Police Identity Crisis Ivana Rage Kupcake Lucky D. Irish Mala Suerte Maza-Liam Mizery Chop Penny Painful Psylocke Punishher Rocket Chop Roslambo Ruth Slayer Shinsberg SOS Susan B. Blasphemy Tornado Allie Venus Thigh Trap WinceDay Addams


THA: PR Mageddon

Belligerent Bex Blayde DaddyPants Johnny Pepper Muffin Tumble Nikki Trikki Savi Pin Pushion Rainbow Spite Ruth Banshee Ginsburg Scar Trek Thin Mint Whistles Wrecking Bill


THP: Trash Panda

Chris Albright David Dyte Michael Fairchild Alex Vidal William McDowell


Interested in helping out in another role? We'd love to have you involved! Please send us an email or fill out our contact form to let us know you're interested!